I know what I like. Do you?

I know what I like.  Do you?Kick up those stilettos, loosen those ties, open a bottle of your favorite wine and let the sensations of the vine take you to another level.  I want you to think about how wine makes you feel.  This is just one of the many topics we’re going to touch upon at The Dish each Wednesday.  To help you get an idea of where I’m going with this, below is an article written last year by Bordeaux.com, which sums up 10 words that describe not only a Bordeaux wine, but also compliment women.  It seems they can be one in the same, and I completely agree.  I’ve always loved comparing wine to men (we’ll get more into this at a later date) so why not allow those descriptive words to help you connect with your favorite labels.  I think you’ll find some fun in this ‘game’, but also a better understanding for how to describe what’s in your glass. 

This blog is all about the uncomplicated side of wine.  It should be the focal piece of any/every great gathering enjoyed by the company of others, so I want to know what your favorite wine is (producer, varietal, vintage) and what word(s) you would use to describe it. 

I’ll go first…

Since I’m incapable of picking only one I’ll leave you with a current obsession of mine:  The 2010 Los Vascos, Cabernet Sauvignon, of the Colchagua Valley.  This wine estate in Chile is managed by Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) and is sure to wet your palate with BIG flavors.  A BIG wine tends to leave an intense and concentrated feel on the palate, which indicates the depth (lasting flavor) and richness of fruit (for this bottle you’ll taste cherries & plums).  It’s mouth filling or ‘DEEP’ as the experts like to say & that is something that’s sure to ring a bell in the world of describing the opposite sex.  Who said learning about wine couldn’t be fun?

Check out the wine & women article here & leave your comments below.

Let the tasting begin!


PS- If you’re interested in learning more about Los Vascos or would like to purchase a bottle click here & here.  


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