Playful Accessories

Have you ever been guilty of forgetting which wine glass was yours at a party?  Well, say goodbye to those sloppy seconds with my little friend mister wine charm!  We all love and adore accessories so let’s give those pretty little wine glasses a face-lift.  They are simple, practical and won’t break your budget (not to mention they come in many different shapes and sizes).  These little guys take wine drinking to a new level and add to the already beautiful pairing of wine and glass. Check out Etsy for a selection of over 9,000 options from designers all over the world. 

Vixen’s playful pick:

I’m all about having fun, so throw a theme party (or convince a friend too) and make a game out of using these retro pinup charms

They will not only help you identify your wine glass, but will keep the theme of the night sexy, sassy & full of flavor. Try livening things up by having your guests get into the character of their pin ups (matching your guests up will all be part of the fun). We all love a little role-play, even if we refuse to admit it, so here’s your perfect excuse to do so! No matter who you’re drinking with, fun will be had by all (you just might find your lucky charm). 

Wine brings people together, so indulge in this experience.  A theme can chip away at the routine and pressure of loosening up at the beginning of a party. Think of it as a thematic icebreaker!  When everyone’s in on the game you leave awkward at the door (he’s not invited), set judgments aside and allow yourself to engage your fellow partygoers. You may think the whole game is silly, but as the old adage goes, “you never know what you’re missing until you try it.”  So LIVE a little & tell me everything in the comment section below! 

As for the bottle of wine for the evening, I’m going to stick with our pin up theme and suggest Some Young Punks– Naked on Roller Skates.  Not only is the name fantastic, but it screams FUN and has an exotic siren gracing the label.  This zesty Australian blend is 95% Shiraz and 5% Matro (Mourvedre according to the French) with aromas of strawberries and spices & tastes of ripe raspberries, cherries and a hint of mocha.  Purchase here and check out their other charismatic wines/labels. 



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