Wine, Chocolate & Dating

photo courtesy of Train Wreck Winery

Within each bottle of wine lies the mystery of what that next glass will unveil.  The best part is, you can’t fully appreciate its worth until you take that first sip.  It’s like dating.  The building of anticipation and the mystery that surrounds the experience of going on a first date can be tantalizingly erotic.  Yet much like a first date, wine can also be scary.  With over 60,000 registered wine labels in California alone, how could it not be?  However, you’ll never know what you’re missing until you try, so build your palate, build your confidence and indulge in a bit of dating 101 (for your wine).

Here’s how we begin:

  • Don’t be afraid of the unexpected
  • Stay open-minded
  • Be your own critic
  • Recognize what you like & don’t like

Keeping these tips in mind, your night could very well turn into a passionate romance filled to the brim with magnetic attraction and heated chemistry. If you have a glass, a bottle and a mouth then you’re already on the right track, so invite someone to share it with and let the fun begin.

My suggestion for that perfect first date would be a red wine. According to a 2008 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the color itself is a proven turn on! Turn on?! Yes, remember I said to be open-minded, because when matched with one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, CHOCOLATE (did I mention you’ll be ordering dessert?) you can’t go wrong.  The phenylethylamine that chocolate contains acts as a stimulant to make your mind and body feel excited and satisfied. Combine that with the antioxidants found in wine, known as resveratrol, which helps boost blood flow before and during intimate acts, and you’ll reduce your inhibitions by relaxing and fully taking in that first date with an open mind.  Who would of thought wine could be so captivating!

Oh, and ladies don’t forget to wear that sexy red lipstick (Vixen’s recommendation: Revlon Ultimate Color Stay Lipstick in Bordeaux).  There’s a reason why red is the color of lust!

Vixen’s hot date of the week:

Petite Sirah.  He’s not as common a pick as the usual red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, but he jumped his way to the top the charts upon first touching my lips (Main & Geary, Petite Sirah, 2010, California).  I let him breathe for about 45 minutes before drinking and my patience was handsomely rewarded.  It was well worth going outside of my usual comfort zone to enjoy the full-on encounter with his smooth blackberry undercurrents, ripe plums and hint of spice.  What made this particular Petite Sirah so sensual?  It paired perfectly with my molten chocolate lava cake & was only $12.99.  Homerun status: check!



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