Hello Wine Wipes, Sayonara Purple Teeth!

Photo: Curtsey of Adrien Finkel Photography

After an incredible weekend amongst our nations most brilliant wine writers at the “Wine Bloggers Conference” in Portland, Oregon, I’d have to say one of the most memorable moments of my adventure was “Red: Speed Dating.”  No, there was not a room filled with an array of awkward “ginger” singles, but instead 35 red wine producers from around the globe ready to be criticized in 50 minutes with over 100 fellow wine bloggers.  All while we’re simultaneously “live blogging” notes on twitter (it was like blasting an ex or proclaiming your undying love in under 140 characters).  It was very intense to say the least, especially when you’re sharing, spitting and swallowing in a room full of strangers (yes, I just went there, but what do you expect, it’s wine tasting 101, just ask the professionals).  By the end of this wonderful nightmare there was a sea of unattractive purple teeth that would have scared away even the most desperate ‘available and looking’ hopefuls. Luckily I brought my A-game with one of the most genius wine accessory essentials, Wine Wipes by Borracha.

“smile pretty & not purple!”

I never again want to hear you don’t drink red wine for obsessing over your pearly whites.  Whether you’re a seasoned drinker or not, these stain removing and teeth protecting wipes only require a few quick swipes until the stains are gone, and the color within your glass no longer matters.  Goodbye “ginger” mouth, hello bright smile!  These Wine Wipes welcome a bit of red liquid with a little more ‘Class & Swagger,’ and you’re friends no longer have an excuse to rule out some of the most exuberant, full-bodied varietals.  So when it comes to the most basic selection of choosing a wine, just remember that reds do it better… red wines that is…

Check out Wine Wipes by Borracha here to “smile pretty & not purple!”

Vixen’s Hot Date of the Week:

 2009 Castle Rock, Pinot Noir.  This luscious red was light and silky until he finished with a spicy herbal bang and pop of black cherry.  He’s worth round two and three, especially with those handy Wine Wipes!  Find him here & here!




4 thoughts on “Hello Wine Wipes, Sayonara Purple Teeth!

  1. When I first heard of these Wine Wipes I thought that they were a bit gimmicky. I mean, how hard can it be to just go brush your teeth? But I saw people using them at the wine bloggers conference and now I totally get it… you don’t always WANT to pull-out from the action to go brush your teeth. I saw people whip these out, do a little tug and rub, and no more purple teeth! They were right back in the heat of the action. Thanks for the recommendation Jules.

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