“Wine Milkshakes Bring All The Girls To The Yard”

photo courtesy of: The Counter

I think it’s time I introduce to you a little charm I experienced behind the bar at The Counter (@CounterBurger), where Jack Hammer (Pinot Noir) and Menage a Trois (Chardonnay/ Muscat/ Chenin Blanc blend) took me for a mind-blowing experience with Wine Milkshakes.  Though an awkward encounter at first, a few sips with these gentlemen instantly took me back to 2003 when the hit “Milkshake” by Kelis was released.  I’ll admit I had my hesitations with The Counter’s latest treat, but these milkshakes definitely brought the boys to the yard (I don’t think I’ll ever look at a milkshake the same way again)!  The curiosity of The Drinks Business (@teamdb), and Wine Library (@winelibrary) mixed with a refreshing concept, made for an experience I couldn’t resist!

iPhone snapshot

The Final Report:

Both men fully performed (Jack Hammer and Menage a Trois that is).  They were gems that left me booty shakin’ all the way back to the office perfectly refreshed and completely satisfied (talk about a lunch break quickie to remember)!  Mr. Hammer was a chocolate and cherry swirl while Monsieur Menage a Trois hit the spot with peaches and vanilla.  There was a genuine wine finish and no oddity in sight.  You can rest assured, the combination of wine and milk are not so taboo after all.

For all my locals, these Wine Milkshakes are currently available in Los Angeles at the Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Century City, Toluca Lake, El Segundo, Torrance and Hermosa Beach Counter locations*.  They’re perfect for a date night, but if you’re flyin’ solo just remember “Wine Milkshakes bring all the girls to the yard!”

Check out “Milkshake” by Kelis for a 2003 #Throwback!  


*The wine used for each shake depends on location.


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