Director’s Cut

Photo courtesy: Francis Ford Coppola

Act 1: Action!

For three days I had the pleasure of attending The Los Angeles Times annual food and wine festival, The Taste.  With unique themes (Field to Fork, Cocktail Confidential, Flavors of LA, Dinner & Drinks, Labor Day Picnic) each of the five events highlighted culinary creations from the streets of Los Angeles.  Including standout restaurants, chefs, mixologists and winemakers.  I took advantage of meeting them all.  It’s not everyday you have the opportunity to stroll through the back lots of Paramount Pictures Studios with some the most talented Los Angelenos.  The men and women behind the tents displayed their talents with intricate production to present delicacies for all to taste and sip.  With cameras flashing, and film rolling it was like we were on the set of our own feature film.  Staring none other than the richest cultures that represented each and every one of us in attendance.

Act 2: Cut!

This act began the moment I laid eyes on the “Godfather” of wines.  You might think this would be a “Mission: Impossible”, but the moment Director’s Cut touched my lips it was pure “Happy Days”.  Francis Ford Coppola’s innovative line from Sonoma county pays reverence to the history of filmmaking in Hollywood.  Imagine meeting Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn and Alfred Hitchcock in the form of a bottle.  It was genius.  The best part about this “Charmed” line of Coppola wines: they’re “Hung”.  From the Chardonnay, to the Pinot Noir straight to the Cinema it was “Solid Gold” in every bottle.  Director’s Cut revolutionized my definition of gangster wine thanks to a Taste of the Paramount streets.  That’s why Francis Ford Coppola has just made my “Class. Swagger. Wine.” list.  I’ll be sure to revisit this Cinema time and time again like a Paramount Classic.  

Act 3: That’s a wrap!

Excuse me while I partake in a private wine tasting with Mr. Francis Ford Coppola. It’s in the can or should I say BOTTLE!



Vineal Vixen

Off the record:  purchase Cinema and the rest of Director’s Cut wines here!



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