Got Leftover Wine?

I can’t fathom the idea of leftover wine, but apparently is does exist.  You throw a killer party, and the next morning there are half-open bottles scattered about the house.  Poppin’ bottles might have been satisfying in the heat of the moment, but the carelessness to put a cork on it has bread some unwanted consequences.  Luckily, there are a few tricks of the trade (and the 72 hour rule) to help revolutionize tainted wines to keep them going (again and again and…) until you’ve safely had enough.  With these quick solutions there’s no need to feel guilty about the evenings debauchery, so let the party ensue!

Solution 1:  Sangria

photo courtesy: Cheryl Style

1 bottles of dry red or white

1/4 Cup Raspberry Vodka

1/4 Cup Cointreau (orange flavored liquore)

1/4 Cup sugar

2 bottles of club soda

1 Cup Raspberries

1 Can Peaches

1 lemon

1 lime

1 orange


Fresh Mint


Stir the sugar, Cointreau and Raspberry Vodka until the sugar is dissolved.  Squeeze juice from lemon, lime, and orange into mixture.  Add can of peaches (with juice), wine, and club soda.  Let sit overnight.  When ready to serve add ice, raspberries, and mint to garnish.  

*Don’t have leftovers? Not sure which wine to use?  Try an inexpensive Sauvignon Blanc or Albarino found here & here.

Solution 2: Wine Cubes

Add them to a smoothie, spike a beverage, or use for an easy-to-grab cooking essential with marinades, stews & sauces!  Here’s a red wine pan sauce thanks to blogger Karen at the “The Art of Doing Stuff,” which calls for these fabulous wine ice cubes! 

Solution 3: Red Wine Fudgesicles

A Beautiful Mess Blog

The clever duo at A Beautiful Mess has created a mouthwatering treat that can easily be classified as #WinePorn.  Find this sweet recipe on Elsie & Emma’s blog here!

Solution 4: Reduction Sauce

Cooking Light

Though a reduction sauce may sound difficult its actually quite easy!  Follow this recipe with an accompanying video from the inventive wine expert, Wine Folly, for some saucy satisfaction in under 10 minutes!  

Solution 5: Get creative!

Not sure what to do with the empty bottles?  Pinterest gives viewers the opportunity to find recyclable, and reusable wine ideas with step-by-step instructions.  Check it out here and let those creative juices flow!  #Go Green!




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