The “Vixen” Cocktail at Wood & Vine on Hollywood Blvd.

Photo courtesy of Wood & Vine

In every city there are restaurants and bars in which locals deem their hidden gems, but it only takes one true knockout to set the standard for all the rest.  Found in the historic 1923 Taft building on Hollywood Blvd. a vibrant restaurant and bar by the name of Wood & Vine has left me weak in the knees.  With a masculine charm, handsome style and effeminate grace, Wood & Vine can fully accommodates and equally impress theatergoers, hipsters and romantic dwellers alike.  The dark wood features on the interior are accented by a modern chic style, which suggests a Hemingway meets Audrey Hepburn feel in present day Hollywood.  Dripping with elegance this timeless beauty has a bold yet simplistic ambiance that is truly unforgettable.  

Photo courtesy of Wood & Vine

Photo courtesy of Wood & Vine

Starting October 1st Wood & Vine will be featuring a specialty cocktail on their fall menu inspired by yours truly.  The “Vixen” is the perfect combination of sweet feminine class and stiff masculine swagger as a perfectly refined mulled pinot noir sangria with a hint of whiskey.  Infused with signature ingredients exclusive to Wood & Vine, she’s guaranteed to make quite the impression.  


-Pinot Noir

-Plum liqueur

-Raspberry liqueur

-Orange liqueur

-Kentucky Vintage 90 proof Whiskey

-Chai tea



-Selection of spices



Wood & Vine:

6280 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA





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