Don’t Cry Over Spilt Wine

photo courtesy of Kimberly Dawn Neumann


GROUP OF WOMEN (20’s), run out of bathroom giggling.  Consumed by their iPhones and oblivious to anyone but themselves they bump into JANE (30’s) – pretty, young, trendy up and comer in the entertainment industry who was enjoying happy hour.  She looks up from her conversation with LUKE (30’s), the attractive potential hookup, to find her white blouse covered in a glass of 2007 Titus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  GROUP OF WOMEN continues to walk away as we hear one call out with an sarcastic attitude.


Happy hour got a little too happy tonight.

GROUP erupts in laughter.  Exit Bar. 


There goes my Bordeaux fix of the night.

Embarrassed and frustrated Jane get up from her seat pretending not to see the oncoming glares as she makes her way to the Women’s bathroom. 


Consumed by her thoughts JANE removes her blouse, throws it on the bathroom vanity, and stares at her reflection.  Caught off guard when the door flies open Jane quickly turns on the faucet pretending to clean her blouse as LOUISE “LULU” (late 20’s) – sexy bartender, walks in. 


I saw everything.  But before you ruin that gorgeous G Star number anymore than that drunk already has PLEASE let me show you a little damage control.

 Lulu places a towel from her back pocket on the sink and lays the blouse on top of it.  Dabbing firmly with a second towel found in the bathroom Lulu starts to clean Jane’s blouse with products found under the vanity.  Jane cleans herself in the mirror and starts to vent in fragmented thoughts.


I can’t do this right now.  After the 12-hour day I’ve had with a boss that is beyond crazytown.  So much for yesterdays retail therapy.  All I wanted tonight was to get a buzz, and go home with that sexy little thing sitting back at the bar.  Is that too much to ask?  I was feeling so on it this morning.

Admiring her good deed of the day & secretly jealous of Jane’s investment Lulu hands the blouse back over. 


Jane, look at me & don’t forget this.  Equal parts hydrogen peroxide and Dawn liquid soap.  Dab, rinse with water & repeat.  Viola!  The stain is gone in minutes. 

Lulu points out the quick and easy removal of a red wine stain with a satisfied grin. 


Just bring her to the dry cleaners in the morning.  Now walk out there like nothing happened.  Your blouse is “dry” as far as everybody in this bar is concerned.  Except to him… 

Lulu points to Luke through the bathroom window. 


…you just won the wet t-shirt contest.  He’ll ask to take you home within 5 minutes.

Jane puts her shirt back on leaving a few buttons undone and pulls herself together. 


Get it girl.

Jane exits bathroom.  Before the door can fully close behind her she turns around and mouths a “thank you” to LULU with sincere eyes and a brisk wave.  She turns back to the bar and sees Adam grinning from ear to ear with a full glass of 2007 Titus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon waiting for her.  


You deserved that glass.  The long finish of sweet chocolate and tobacco are much better off in your mouth than on your chest, I mean boobs, I mean blouse… 

Luke blushes with embarrassment as he bites his fist. 



Jane gives him an innocent smile.  They “clink” glasses and sip their wine.


Want to get out of here?

Luke with a look of disbelief fumbles for his wallet to pay the tab.  Lulu casually walks over and leans on the bar in from of them.


It’s on me. 

Lulu smiles at Jane and nods her head at Luke.


Jane and Luke walk out of VINE, a trendy new urban wine bar in West Hollywood.  They hop into a taxi, and drive off down Santa Monica Blvd.




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