Silver Lining


Holiday entertaining can be overwhelming, especially when the pressure is on to perform in the kitchen.  It’s easy to put on a cute apron (love this one!) and prance around pretending to be the next Giada, but when the pressure’s hot to make a food-first impression for family, friends, and co-workers just remember there’s always wine.

Thanks to Barina Craft, Home Wine Bars, we now have a compiled ‘Quick Chart’ for essential food & wine pairings from industry publications and leading experts.  The idea is to mask your cooking skills with a great bottle of wine that pairs appropriately with the cheeses, spices, meats, and sauces you wish to serve.  The combinations will blend seamlessly, and your guests will hardly notice any flaws with a fabulous wine as your silver lining.


For an instantly happy crowd toss some additional finger foods (grapes, crackers etc.) on a platter, turn up the holiday music, and fill up everyone’s glass, because let’s be honest, it’s really all about the wine.

Christmas Holiday Party


Check out quick and easy recipes ideas to pair with your favorite varietals from The Dish’s very own Kasey’s Kitchen.



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