Bagatelle: Redefining Los Angeles


Bistrot Bagatelle came knocking on Hollywood’s door with its fusion of French cuisine and New York City Swagger in February of 2012.  Nestled beside the renowned STK on La Cienega Blvd in West Hollywood, Bagatelle, has redefined hospitality becoming Hollywood’s latest game changer. 


With their St. Tropez chic fashion combined with old world Parisian décor, fine dining, and Mediterranean atmosphere, Bagatelle is this year’s hottest restaurant to hit the trendy streets of Los Angeles.

There is a relaxed and sexy vibe felt throughout the restaurant for an intimate dining experience that is effortlessly elegant.  Guests are treated to some of LA’s most talked about talent with live entertainment from the beautiful Colette Falla on a weeknight to the talented house DJ Tony Mendes for a Champagne brunch. 


The visionary owners of Bagatelle Remi Laba & Aymeric Clemente pioneered a ‘daylife’ trend of sophisticated revelry with their famous brunch for a full on day of play, and fun with champagne, music and dancing.  Which is reminiscent of the “joie de vivre” lifestyle seen in Southern France (bottles and brunching will never be the same again).  



It’s a luxurious and unique experience with unparalleled service that provides patrons with a signature style unlike any other in Los Angeles.  The indoor bar features an oversized fireplace mantle, while the manicured outdoor patio bestows a Parisian city garden above street-side seating for those who wish to bring the party to the Boulevard.  It’s one-of-a-kind dining unlike anywhere else.  


For reservations to attend a themed brunch or to be apart of the full dining experience visit their website below!  You just may run into some of LA’s finest like the handsome gentlemen behind Pop Molly!


Bistrot Bagatelle

755 N. La Cienega Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90069




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