Tell Me What You Likelii & I’ll Give You Something To Love


With the New Year officially in full swing it’s time to embrace a bit of change from our daily wine routines.  Too often the unknown prevent us from stepping outside of our favorite varietals, producer or even price point. (No more excuses!)  Knowing what you like is the first step to discovering an equally satisfying wine that upholds similar characteristics and value.  Rid yourself of the monotony and try something you’re “likelii” to enjoy based on what you already love with  By answering four simple questions you’ll be given recommendations to wines that are “made for you” based on your current preferences (see my step-by-step process below).  Wine reviews and point systems are null and void here, it’s all about you and your favorite grape juice.  Cheers to variety in 2013!

Step 1:

Picture 5

Step 2:

Picture 6

Step 3:

Picture 7

Step 4:

Picture 8

Voila! Your Recommendations!

Picture 10



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