Public Kitchen & Bar At The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


Much like dating, fine dining is all about the experience.  When it comes to placing the two together there’s nothing better than the company you keep beautifully complimenting a chef’s work of art.  Place this between the walls of Public Kitchen & Bar in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with the introduction of Chef Ben Bailly alongside Executive Chef Tim Goodell, and truly escape with your special someone.  

Upon walking into the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel I became transfixed by the astounding Spanish-influenced architecture, giant brass chandeliers, handcrafted columns and dramatic arches.  No matter the modern styles seen outside these doors once immersed into the Roosevelt lobby one cannot help but feel the history of the 1920’s surrounding them.  It’s like walking the hallways of a history museum, except with beds, privacy, and plenty to eat and drink.  It’s the ultimate historic playground.


Atop the grand staircase you will find the eclectic Old Hollywood style restaurant, Public Kitchen & Bar.  Ask to recline on a mahogany tufted leather booth for heightened intimacy, and float away with comfort while ordering some of LA’s finest small bites, and entrees.  Many dishes are designed for sharing; so don’t hesitate to encourage your date to reveal in a bit of experimentation.

Vixen Recommendations:

Food & Wine Pairing-


*Baby Beets Salad with a glass of Pascal Jolivet (Sancerre, 2011, France)

This combination was simply outstanding.  Both stood tall on their own, but together proved to be a perfect match.  The Sancerre was light, and crisp with notes of sweet ripe fruit, lavender, and peaches, which infused the right amount of flavor with the goat cheese, orange and pistachio atop the baby beets.


*Truffle Risotto with a glass of Shafer (Merlot, 2007, Napa)

There is only one word to describe the brilliance of this combination #Foodgasm


*Spiced Duck Breast with Crispy Duck Terrine and a glass of Cain Cuvee (Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa)

The selection of duck was delicately juicy and nicely garnished with cranberries for an added touch that cut the dishes fattiness while complimenting the notes of ripe berries, cinnamon, and nutmeg found in the Cain Cuvee.

Stand Alones-

*Kale Salad

Trust the chef and leave it to the servers to recommend only the best on the menu.  Public Kitchen’s kale salad is the most popular item, and for good reason!  It’s delicious, crisp and pairs well with any wine your mood desires.  Not to mention it’s full of fiber for the health conscious, yet sweet from a light kiss of dried currants, while teasingly sinful with pancetta breadcrumbs.

*Pumpkin Cheesecake

The house pastry chef has crafted a hand-made cheesecake with a hint of rosemary that perfectly balances the light whipped cream topping and rich pie base.  It’s a seasonal favorite that is bound to impress even the toughest sweet-tooth critic.  


Before you call it a night stop by Library Bar just off the lobby for one last cocktail with the brilliant mixologist Chris Hewes.  His love of fresh ingredients is apparent when looking at his bar top, which can be found, covered in jars of fruits, herb plants and vegetables.  Simply tell him ingredients or basic flavors you enjoy and he will craft a specialty cocktail from scratch.  For more on Chris & Library Bar check out the Societe Perrier to “Meet Your Mixologist.”

Vixen Recommendations:

-Old Fashioned


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Whether your night concludes at Public, Library or in a poolside suite, enjoy the old world glamour and luxury at one of Hollywood’s hottest dating scenes. 



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