Grip Coasters

photo courtesy:

photo courtesy:

Wine accessories have become seemingly more popular in the world of the young oenophiles. 


Oneophile: noun. a person who enjoys wines, usually as a connoisseur.


As we begin to expand our knowledge, and experiment with different varietals it’s nice to refine our manners, and enhance our wine drinking experience with added embellishments.  Here’s one wine accessory that is practical in nature and a perfect gift for any entertainer, the Epicureanist Grip Coasters.  

photo courtesy:

photo courtesy:

They serve as a coaster, and drink marker that protects tabletops, furniture, and stemware while allowing you to still entertain with ease (say goodbye to mixed up glasses, scratched furniture and chipped stemware)!  They’re made of silicone for durability and are dishwasher-safe to allow for an easy clean up.  Find a 6-pack for only $15-20 at your local Khols, Home Depot or Best Buy.  You can also order them directly from for all of your wine accessory needs. Cheers!



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