Vineal & Vinyl Part 2


Last week we introduced Ledbetter Wines and the brilliant musician behind the label, Chris Pierce (@chrispierce).  Chris is not your average artist nor wine producer; he’s an inspiration.  So I’d like to share more of his story with you.  A story that will open your eyes to one of the most beautiful examples of passion, and determination I’ve ever found behind a bottle of wine.

Meet Chris Pierce in, The Healing Power of Music, courtesy of TedX American Riviera and join me next Thursday, February 21st at 10pm, for a live performance at the Sassafras Saloon in West Hollywood playing under his alias, Reverend Tall Tree & The Blackstrap Brothers (harmonica driven blues played in the tradition of Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf).  

Picture 16

Can’t make it on Thursday?  Chris will also be at the The Foundry on Melrose February 28, at 9:30pm.  




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