Vino Tattoos

Since a young age my parents have scared me out of putting an ounce of ink on my body.  However, now in my mid-twenties, and far away from the parental units, I have an obsession with tattoos. There’s just nothing finer than a clean-cut gentlemen that’s sharply dressed and rockin’ a sleeve (hello Mr. Beckham)!


I haven’t been able to peel myself away from Google searches for “creative tattoos”, “inspirational tattoos”, “wine tattoos?”  The latter seems a bit out of place, but after a few glasses (or a bottle) it was obviously pure genius for a wine blogger to have a tattoo of grapes, right?!  It’s safe to say my dream of a beautiful sleeve has come to a shrieking halt after a late night search provided me with the following results for when a love of wine goes too far.  







I may have to settle for my love of ink on my men.  Thank you, Johnny Depp for rocking a “Wino Forever” tattoo and salvaging what is left of my hopes for decent wine related ink (even if it wasn’t your original intention). 

This tattoo debate shall remain under the status of “to be continued…” You’re welcome Mom & Dad. 



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