Re-purposed Wine Bottle Serving Trays


This week you’ll find me roaming the streets of Atlanta, Georgia with winemakers, sommeliers, and connoisseurs alike for the 21st annual High Museum Wine Auction.  While en route to the first event of the evening I stumbled upon an adorable lifestyle boutique, Urban Cottage on North Highland Ave, which was filled with a collection of elegant gems.  An hour later, and cutting it close to go time for the auctions Dine Around Dinner, I left with a bag full of re-purposed wine bottle serving trays (totally worth being fashionably late)!  

VV_tray2 VV_tray1

Designed by local Atlanta artist Songbird & Twig I now have a gorgeous souvenir from the south to bring back to the city of angels for entertaining guests!  Each one has its own unique personality and shares in my latest venture of going green.  With 28 billion bottles ending up in landfills each year this is a beautiful way to “save the earth one bottle at a time” for only $20.  To see more from Songbird & Twig check out her website here:


Stay connected to The Dish to see exclusive behind the scenes photos of my ventures in Atlanta for the wine auction that has raised millions for the preservation of the High Museum of Art exhibits, and educational programming.  Funds raised also support dynamic youth education programs, which have impacted more than 90,000 schoolchildren this year alone! 




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