Uncorked Glass Company



From construction to glassware, the designer, and owner of Uncorked Glass Company gave his engineering skills an artistic twist when the housing market crashed.  The result was a booming business in Atlanta, Georgia that promotes a green lifestyle by recycling wine bottles to create handcrafted glassware!  



With over 3.7 billion wine bottles consumed in 2011 in the United States we could only hope that each one of these would be recycled.  However, 80% end up in our landfills equating to almost 2.9 billion bottles of waste.  The unique eco-friendly pieces of Uncorked Glass Co are 100% post consumer materials donated from local restaurants, and bars to further support their efforts to honor a green movement.  #GoGreen



They’re also great for both hot and cold beverages, and are dishwasher safe!  #WinWin

To order your own set of Uncorked Glassware and to learn about their wedding program for personal engraved sets check out their website here: www.uncorkedglass.com

A big shout out and thank you to the High Museum Wine Auction for introducing us to such a fabulous company that continues to give back to the environment!  




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