Split The Tab, Split The Bin


According to the team behind Splitbin, “wine should be fun, easy to understand and affordable to enjoy liberally” (can I get a hallelujah?!)  Finally, someone is appealing to millenials, and encouraging them to discover the world of wine.  Not to mention they’re providing the tools to help you understand what it is your buying.  Just check out the Wine 101 tab which has the basics on each varietal, what to pair them with as well as who’s buying and who’s supplying them.


What’s even better?! Splitbin is the first online wine store that allows for split payments.  So if you live with roommates or just want to split the tab, and try new wines with friends, this new website makes it possible to purchase a case of wine without the hefty price tag.

VV_splitbin4Check out Spitbin here: http://splitbin.com/ and explore the warehouse to see their latest collection of wines from around the world!  Spread the word with friends; don’t bust your budget, and cheers to a fabulous company that’s catering to US! 

Follow them on social! 

FB: Splitbin

Twitter: @splitbin




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