[LA Dining]: Lukshon


If you’re looking for a fresh spin on Asian cuisine then look no further than LA’s hottest Asian-American fusion restaurant that sits in the heart of Culver City, Lukshon.  With a menu fit for fine dining, this local restaurant has turned away from traditional white table clothes for a casual gastro-pub atmosphere geared towards the millennial generation thanks to the forward thinking mind of head chef, and owner, Sang Yoon.



You’ll find extreme attention to detail, juxtaposing flavors, farm-centered tapas style dishes that are visually stunning, and equally satisfying to the palate.  To maintain the authenticity of the dishes, Yoon politely notes there is a no substitutions philosophy.  This allows diners to step outside of the American conception of “authentic” Asian cuisine.  As one satisfied customer made note, “here finally is a place that speaks all the culinary languages of Asia without a Western accent.” 



Feel free to reserve a booth, hop on a communal table, escape to the patio or sit at the bar, which overlooks their custom wine on tap dispensing unit.  The service is guaranteed to be exceptional and the obscure, small-batch wine list will literally blow you mind when paired with Yoon’s creations (expect white wines only to be offered as they pair best with the unique dishes).  Don’t be shy to ask for help either, they realize their menu is a new concept, so they’re more than willing to steer you in the right direction for the most enjoyable experience! 


Hot items:

-Chicken Pops (pictuted above)

-Dan dan noodles

-Short Ribs

-Bhutanese Rice

Sweet tooth? There’s no dessert menu so everyday guests are treated to a seasonal dessert on the house! #winning


Address / Contact:


3239 Helms Ave.

Culver City, CA 90232






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