Moraga Estate: A Hollywood Vineyard


What was once a 16-acre horse ranch in the 1920s and 30s owned by director of esteemed Hollywood classics “Gone With the Wine” and “Wizard of Oz”, Victor Fleming, is now the fully functioning bonded California winery, Moraga Estate.  The first of its kind after Prohibition ended in 1933.


Located in the heart of Bel Air with views overlooking the Getty Museum, this vineyard includes acres of perfect wine growing hillsides, over 12,000 square-foot living quarters, and an on-site wine cave.  After exploring the vineyards of Bordeaux, France and Tuscany, Italy aeronautical engineer Tom Jones purchased the horse ranch with his wife in 1959, and began his retirement building a winery in his backyard.  


After 54 years of ownership, media mogul Rubert Murdoch announced via Twitter his recent purchase of this viticultural landmark from the Jones Family for almost 30 million dollars.  

Picture 1

Just like the Estate price tag, the Moraga wines are equally as steep with their Moraga Red Wine blend starts at $125 per bottle and their White Wine beginning around $65 per bottle. 

Looks like this Hollywood gem will be another one added to my “to do” list. 



2 thoughts on “Moraga Estate: A Hollywood Vineyard

  1. The Moraga wines have been below the radar due to price and supply, but they are worth every penny. Long aging, iconic wines of Los Angeles… part of the Santa Monica Mountain Range – it stretches from Hollywood to Ojai… I didn’t know about the connection to Wizard of Oz… that is kind of cool. My grandfather worked on that movie… and Moraga was also were the very first LearnAboutWine website was photographed… kind of a nice link between me and my Grandpop – Nice work!

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